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About Us

We are producer of sterling silver clasps, chains and findings and we run more than 11 years online shops including ebay, etsy. etc. 

As a supplier of sterling silver findings we have many years of ecommerce in both online market places and direct buyers from all over the world. 

Let me briefly mention our online sales adventure. 

That is not intended to be a complaint but if you are runing a shop in ebay for 11 years and suddenly one day your buyers found your shop closed, somebody must owe an explanation to buyers, more than 10 000, considering only one-fifth of all buyers leave feedback in ebay. 

in fact that "somebody" should be Ebay. As there is no explanation from Ebay let me briefly explain our story. 

-- In June 2016 Paypal had problems with Turkish Banking Authority. Paypal's license to operate in Turkey was revoked. Paypal anounced Turkish users cannot use paypal anymore.

-- In the same week, Ebay closed All Turkish Shops because paypal was compulsory as option. No paypal No Ebay. it was a real carnage thousands of Turkish sellers, including our shop INTERSTORE was closed. After 11 years of sales, Ebay trow us like hot potato. 


it is a gruesome treatment, no vested interests, no rights whatsoever. In fact Ebay had started well before a few years ago putting restrictions on our sales, limiting number of listings and putting a lot of hindrance. Not all details will be given.

Please see our ratings and some buyer reviews in Ebay above. 

Last year since June 2016 we started to give more emphasis on ETSY sales though we had a member since 2011, not listed much in etsy before. Most of our Ebay buyers comes and find us in Etsy. 

We achieved the same success as in ebay as supplier for Jewelry designers from all over the world. 

raison d'être

Why an online shop apart from marketplaces like ebay, etsy dawanda and the like?
1. Our experience with some online marketplaces showed we should provide a unique address, a website which lists our products for our buyers. They may bookmark us and find whenever they need. They are still free to buy from our marketplace listings.
2. In our site we pay no sales % to such marketplaces, in ebay it was 12% over sales price including even shipment fee. In Etsy is a little lower. For a designer who produces sterling silver items this amount is important to be competitive in their edge. Discounts will be given to buyer in our own shop INTERESTORE.NET
3. We plan to supply Solid Gold items as well. However we never did this in online marketplaces. Selling gold items in online marketplaces is very risky as anybody strike buy button to buy without any requirement.  We will sell Gold findings in our terms 
3. Size of our online catalogue is limited in marketplaces( to most selling ones) because they charge for each listings a fee, so we do not list all our products there. However in INTERESTORE.NET we will list all our products which we cannot list in marketplaces due to its cost.

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