For checkout please contact us after you entered your order in cart. we send individually payment link for shopier or payoneer upon mutual agreement. Contact us for discount coupons
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Discounts & Coupons

We have a discount system for volume purchases, payment types and a general discount for all our buyers from etsy and ebay and express shipping. 

1. Volume discount

Volume discount is 10% for volume purchases. If you buy 12 items for a single listing you are entitled to volume discount. If listed item is " 10 ear studs" then you will need to buy 12 x 10 ear studs to be eligible for 10% volume discount. For some higher priced items volume discount may be applies for 6 purchases. Coupon system for this site cannot meet our all discount offers therefore we will apply some discounts manually in mutual agreement with buyers.

2. Discount for our Ebay and Etsy buyers.

we have thousands of buyers and those who favorited our store interstore, interEstore. We apply 5% discount for them. However since we cannot determine who is our buyers currently we apply all buyers the same discount 5%,

3.Payment Method Discounts.

we accept payments through two secure online payment gateways and also wire/bank transfer is accepted. Please see our page for payments policies for details. 

- Goshopier payments. (shopier in short) NO DISCOUNT. 

- Payoneer payments 8% discount over invoice

- Wire/Bank Transfers/Western union payments: 12% discount.

 Please note shopier is easy to pay method of payment. Payoneer is most secure american payment gateway it is a little difficult to pay through payoneer thanks to its extreme security. We apply discount for payoneer because it costs fairly lower for us.

Please also note that wire transfers/bank transfers and wester union charges some fee from buyers. it is still advantageous if amount paid is higher than 250 usd.

4. Express shipping

Express shipping is a special offer for purchases over 250 usd. you pay only 5 usd shipping fee, it costs around 22 usd and we pay remaining 17 usd ourselves. It is costly and we can apply it only to purchases over 250 usd. Express shipping takes 5 days in average to deliver items to you.