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Payment, Shipment, Return Policies




We receive payments through two payment gateways, Paypal is not accepted as it is no longer available for Turkey since 2016 (please read about us for more details)

- Goshopier (shopier in short) payment link.                                                                               Shopier is secure and easy to pay payment gateway. It is our default payment gateway and links are sent automatically to your email address registered during payment. Each month we receive more than 300 payments via shopier. 

-Payoneer payment link.                                                                                                  Payoneer is secure American payment gateway which is widely used all over the world and it is default payment system of All sellers has to have a payoneer account to register as seller in Due to its extreme security it is a little difficult to make payments via Payoneer. Its fees are very low comparing to any other payment system. That is why we offer 8% discount for payoneer payments. (please see discounts page). Lower the cost for us, we offer discount and you get this benefit. You receive instructions to pay you should follow to avoid refusal of your payment. Once you made payment next time it is as easy as one click on your device.

- Bank transfer, wire transfer, Western Union.                                                                  Payments via bank transfer, wire transfer and Western union is accepted and you are entitled to 12% discount. Payments for solid gold items (soon to be listed) and some large volume and wholesale purchases will be made by wire transfer or western union. Please note money transfers under this headline will be subject to a fee you need to pay to your bank or western union. It will be still advantageous for volume buyers.


We ship in 3 days. Some custom orders may be shipped in 5 days latest. We ship by registered mail with receipt confirmation. We offer two shipment ways.

1. Standard shipment via your local post as counterparty of Turkish post services. When we ship by Turkish post to your country, your national postal services will receive and deliver it to you. For example  USPS for United States and Royal Mail for United Kingdom.

Tracking: we provide unique tracking number for your shipment. They can be traced through both Turkish post website and also through by many local posts. However not all national post services provide tracking help. For example you may see tracking through USPS website but Royal Mail does not provide online tracking, though they have inhouse tracking for registered mail.

you pay 5 usd shipping fee for standard shipping.

it takes in average 21 days to deliver packages by standard shipping. 

2. Turpex Express shipping is for orders over 250 usd. it is delivered by DHL international service partner of Turkish post. it takes only 5 days in average to deliver items. it costs higher around 22 USD but you pay only 5 usd standard shipping fee, we pay the rest of the fee 17 usd ourselves. One of most important requirement for express shipping is your phone number, preferably cell phone. DHL (Turpex) requires buyer/receiver phone number to arrange and ensure deliveries. they send sms messages to your phone, notifying date and time for delivery. 


You may return any items after receipt of 3 days without showing any reason provided that items returned in 45 days starting after your date of payment.

As buyers you have some rights and returning items is your right, you will receive full refund including original standard postage(express shipping fees are not refunded), return postage is to buyers account. If items are returned later than 45 days, it is not possible to refund but still you may get replacements as any other listings in the same value. Please consider possible delays in return shipping therefore start return shipping immediately.

if you are a frequent buyer of our shop you may also put aside any faulty item to be returned later with possible future item like a year long but informing us with a message each time you found a faulty item, though it is very rare case as we inspect items before shipping. For frequent buyers there is no 45 day time frame but may collect faulty items for months and return by year end all at once for replacement. 
please contact for any issues